When it all started

Actually it all started when I was a wee girl and my hand just drew automatically figures and shapes.

I guess there is a thing called talent after all … I had a little red mini mouse clipboard and was drawing fitted corseted dresses with huge women’s heads and some fancy make up and big hair! I was inspired by theatrical costumes and maybe films I might have watched on tv. I kept drawing on empty copier pages thinking about different materials, even clear PVC on certain elements.

I remember when I started designing shoes and when my mum saw them she said she saw something similar on Fashion TV – I rarely watched fashion channels or read magazines I just let the creative juices flow.

And there it was after years after my education that I decided to take a deep breath and let it all out and there was a lot!

All started on my flat’s floor as idid not have a big table to do my patterns, can’t complain I was much younger much then and when you create time just flies and cannot feel a thing!

I made all patterns and samples and had them made as there were delicate fabrics used and lets admit it no need for someone to do everything, let everyone shine at what they are best 😉

I slowly got to receive the garments and see what they look in real life, there was excitement but of course with time and knowledge there are more expectations.

I organised everything and then put my first show together, also was honoured to feature in a Greek London based newspaper. this was arranged by the lady that helped me with the PR. back then.

I scouted the models and I have to say that we stayed closed with most and others went on to bigger ventures but we are still on good terms.

I am grateful I was surrounded by lovely people and that they truly believe in me mainly my family, close friends and people I met along the way.

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