It all started when I was a wee girl when my hand used to automatically draw figures and shapes. On my little red Minnie Mouse clipboard, I drew fitted corseted dresses with huge women’s heads, fancy make up and big hair! I was inspired by theatrical and movie costumes. I kept drawing on blank copier paper thinking about different materials, even clear PVC on one occasion.

I remember when I started designing shoes, my mum said she had seen something similar on Fashion TV. Now I rarely watched fashion channels or read magazines so it was just my creative juices flowing.

It all started on floor of my flat as I didn’t have a big table on which to do my patterns. After designing my patterns and making samples, I passed them on to be produced as they involved delicate fabrics. Once I started getting the garments back, it was exciting to see what they looked in real life. 

After organising everything I was able to put together my first show, which I was honoured to have featured in a Greek London-based newspaper. 

I scouted the models myself and I’m happy to say that I’ve stayed close with many of them who’ve gone on to bigger and better things.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been surrounded by lovely people who truly believed in me including my family, close friends and people I met along the way.