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What were you up to lately ?

That is what most people ask when they haven’t heard from you in a while. Being a creative and juggling every day life cannot be as rosey as we would like but we keep pushing forward!

Thanks or not to this pandemic we had time to ourselves and see how we can improve or just have a long deserved break, everybody is different and there is no shame in blacking out in front of Netflix while the brain is trying to recover.

As for myself after my deserved mental break and decided to look on different courses to further educate myself where I thought I was lacking. But when one is good with working with their hands and create they always return to the scent of the crime…hehe

Most of closed friends know that when I keep quiet I am working on a new project, let’s not prove them wrong!

I had been experimenting for a couple of years with Home fragrance but I decided to get serious as this was something I always wanted to add to my brand. Scents that have inspired me from my very colourful childhood in Greece and not only.

So the journey began with a few scents with fragrance oils and another few on our Countryside Collection made with essential oils. All are made by yours truly and I have tried them all before putting them out there to make sure they fill your space with a wonderful scent.

I cannot really pick a favourite scent as they all have something I like, the Morning Zest has a citrusy sent with the zingy pink grapefruit so fresh that puts a smile on your face once you enter the room. Rose Vida, even though I don’t like Rose as it can be quite strong when I smell this one I can feel the spring approaching see the thorns from the blossomed roses . Eastern D’Light a slightly heavier scent that has a woody scent and fresh layer popping thanks to the mandarin.

On the Countryside Collection Lavender & Eucalyptus needs no persuading, it is calming and helps with cleansing, really relaxing when it burns. Orange, Lime & Eucalyptus brings out a freshness from the lime in our diffuser. Lastly Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint & Spearmint, this happened from my research to make a seaside scent but since I could not find an essential oil had to mix a few together. When you open it everybody can smell the scents in a different order as we are all different, it is definitely fresh with depth. When I took the pictures I was spending time with my family in Greece and saw we had a few Rosemary bushes and when they blossomed the flowers were so beautiful. It also it makes a very fragrant tea which we might get to incorporate it in the future with a blend of other herbs – stay tuned !

Thanks for taking time to read and get to know a bit better about creating of this piece of the puzzle

Keep happy

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