Blogger’s article from my 2013 Fashion Show

Sofia Dourvari hits the catwalk at London Fashion Week.

Another year another show and more creativity poured out. Seriously I have lots of sketches to last me a lifetime and I am sure my brain will still be breaking down my ideas to more design options.

That show had quite the variety, it was the first time I worked with artificial leather – who doesn’t like a bit of leather. it can be sensual, strict, casual anything you like it to be.

There was a Valentine section that could not just be a simple red dress, there was detail and intricate construction.

And a cocktail section followed with elegant dresses for different occasions

Finally the creative showstoppers came out, a fan dress as I call it with a structured hem like a fan and an open back bolero and a small dress, from the front it showed like a plain long black dress back at the back there was a white 3D circular structure – believe you me that was a bit of a struggle to keep it steady but we made it in the end

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