This is the first blog post for this shop and part of the www.sofiadourvari.com website.

This blog will act a diary and a chance to share moments with you all, old and new friends.

Moments from my collections so far and of course going through key seasonal pieces listed

on my shop.

Even though my journey begun 2 years ago, i started designing and experimenting with different clothes when i was still a little girl.

All this time i have worked on different projects and my main focus was shape and structure around feminine clothing.

You can’t blame me, i am originally from Greece where architecture has been in our culture for centuries.

I have found myself designing items that i later saw on tv or in shops; so i guess you can trust my judgement and style.

My shop does not act only as a place for you to purchase your favourite items but also interact with me, where if you like one

of my designs and would like to add a certain detail i would be more than happy to make you a bespoke piece to reflect best your personality.

Will most definitely advise best way to dress it up or down and best suitable occasions.

I have lately taken up a new project; jewellery making. I am still in the beginning experimenting

and learning all kind of techniques so please bare with me.

All posts will be written by me and will maintain a personal feel so you can get to know me better and

understand my work and ethos.

I look forward to sharing my news with you.

Happy shopping


Sofia Dourvari