Prom…. I never went to prom…

Where i come from we don’t have this unnecessary excuse to go shopping for a gown and feel like a million dollar princess for an evening.

I did watch many movies though where young girls that are just about becoming women dreaming of this night; making sure it is highlighted

in their calendar and work hard all year round to get the perfect dress, accessories and of course a date!

One night that you can forget all about homework and live your Cinderella fairy tale.

I love fairy tales and especially when the main character is wearing a dreamy dress, turning heads.

Dressing tastes have changed over the time, now the ”wow” dress includes low cleavage, stretch body hugging fabric and the odd gem.

We all are different with different tastes, but if i might say i would prefer a ‘pretty woman’ dress for that evening, after all you have all your student and adult life to wear bodycon dresses.

A little while ago i was requested to make a prom dress, red carpet worthy. Even though i tried to design it to suit the girl’s age and fresh face she insisted on  making it more

sophisticated. I am always happy to take up a challenge and definitely worths it when you see the smile on her face…

izafront                     iza back


She was the lady in red and most definitely turned heads, people still talking about it.

So as you all lovely ladies searching for your perfect outfit make sure to email me on for a consultation.

Dreams do come true if you have a good plan of action.