Here we are a week before Valentine’s day and as usual wondering how to celebrate this day or what to wear.

Definitely the answer varies for most of you ladies, depending if you are celebrating with your ” special ” someone

or with friends or just alone going to watch ’50 Shades of Grey’ …. i am  sure the latter is tempting for a good few of us…

To me, love needs to be celebrated every day, whether is towards another person or yourself and most importantly  life itself.

So lets be happy and fall in love with life, cherish all you have achieved and all you aspire to be.

I design for independent women that are not afraid of their feelings and dreams, but also that would make a beautiful family when the time comes.

My message to you all beautiful ladies this coming Valentine is to love yourselves and dare to dream and achieve, that will make you glow.


I have attached for you an inspirational valentines design i created a couple of years ago.

It is a one off piece, available for sale.

Till next time

Sofia Dourvari