Every season is meant to announce itself with a different weather and accordingly we update

our wardrobes.

In fashion we eagerly await for the change of each season or more likely the 2 most important times

in the year for fashion week and been show what we should be buying into.

Times have changed and we have to change with them so to stay afloat and on trend.

Consumers follow certain trends that are dictated to them according to the occasion.

Throughout my design life so far, i always like to create something new, play with

structure and flatter the female figure.

Many times i have found myself designing and i am a season ahead… guess that is what happens

when you are born with this talent. Not to brag but i have always be good at product development

and now, that i am more confident within my practice i think it is time to make more of that skill of mine.

Everyone seems to be breaking down trends, copying and trying to get the cheapest manufacturing to make sure

they deliver the best bargain to their customers.

BUT … are we happy with this fast fashion and what are our standards …?

One aspect to look at is the economy and the need of people to blend, look trendy while on budget.

We are constantly bombarded with new visuals with strong impact for different occasions… coachella,

prom, celebrity, socialising, etc….

So there comes the urge for shopping, shop the look that will make you feel like a celebrity.

One can look a million dollars once they are confident within themselves and no need to make major effort to

look like a stylist guide report.

My question to you all is, what has happened to quality garments that are carefully made and produced

to highest standards? The ones where all seams are smooth, no threads hanging as quality control costs

and of course with tight deadlines is hard to inspect sometimes.

I have been to educate myself to a University degree and always try to learn as this profession is

an on going training. I have made all the patterns for previous collections myself and most toiles.

Most people don’t understand the effort that going into garment construction just because we

are known to get fast results.

As i witness what the ladies wear these days, how they dress on different occasions i have decided to create

a small range suitable for a younger crowd that loves to socialise. I will still offer outfits that flatter and have

intricate details whether in shape or embellishment.

Price will range from £60-£280 (for longer gowns with embellishment)

I would love your feedback and thoughts on info@sofiadourvari.com


Keep inspired